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More Restaurants Opt for Digital Menu
Created by
Eoin O Connor
May 4, 2021
2 Min

A digital menu board replaces chalk boards,  signs and posters. It can give a more realistic example of what your products looks like, a picture can tell a thousand words. A digital menu can draw the attention of your customers and in some ways allows you to control where they look. Take advantage of templates and stock images or upload your own.

A traditional chalkboard menu looks great but what happens when you need to update it and the staff member with nice handwriting is on holiday?? or you want to promote a new event?  Digital menus are bright, clear, and allow you to make smart use of negative space, making your signage interesting and fun to look at.

TVM Play Bar &  Restaurant Digital Signage is one of the most popular products on the market right now.

Create and share eye catching content that turn one-time diners into loyal customers. From increased satisfaction to increased sales, TVM Play helps you achieve your desired outcomes.