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The latest consumer research highlights that consumer confidence continues to grow in the US On Premise, and particularly in bars & restaurants and that 2022 is providing an incredible opportunity for suppliers and operators alike.

Alongside an increase in visitation, consumers are making up for lost time , with over a third expecting to spend more in the coming months compared to 2021.

Great time to align with Sports

The synergy between digital marketing and sports is undeniable. Done well, sports marketing campaigns have the ability to capture the hearts and minds of sports fans. Brands that use sponsorships or digital promotions have increased affinity and loyalty with their audiences.

This is something TVM DOOH have proven time and time again with big names returning season after season to our platform to maximise their exposure and attract new customers.


We have a network of thousands of large vertical HD digital screens strategically placed in restaurants & bars with an average of 2.5 digital screens per venue.

Our screens are the venue's newest advertising tool, they're functional, easy to use and they create a lasting impact.

TVM DOOH is the only in-bar DOOH company where you know your content is being displayed as the digital screens in the venues are owned and maintained by us.

With almost 2 hours of dwell time we offer maximum exposure and reach and can target 21+ in a social environment

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For every 4 weeks campaign, 1 week free media

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Here's a little taster of some of the amazing brands that have been appearing on our screen's recently

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  • TVM Network

As well as replacing traditional marketing materials like flyers and billboards - which data shows that 60% end up un deployed and in the trash - TVM gives guaranteed visibility for valuable state and nationwide campaigns to save water and help save the environment.

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